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There are many items in the Signposts others will disagree with, and a few developments that some might give their very lives to prevent or delay. For example, the widespread and awful increase in slavery will seem especially onerous to most enlightened readers of the 21st century.

But I did not create this document to give a false 'utopian' perspective on our future. Sure, there'll be many developments which will be wonderous and improve the fates of virtually all; but there may be at least an equal number that will do the opposite. I present projections both good and bad here.

Though I want my projections to be as accurate and meaningful as I can make them, I am not entirely objective in my presentation. To some extent I see the entire human race as my family, and so do my best to warn everyone of possible present and future threats to our survival, prosperity, and well being. I hope that somehow we'll manage to thwart all the evils which do or will plague us today and tomorrow.

I'm also a US citizen, and therefore attempt to alert my countrymen and national institutions as well to potential threats and mistakes I see in current events, or those looming ahead of us. I hope that somehow we dodge the bullets on these things. But if you see something like that in the timeline projections, it means I believed at my last update our chances were better than 50% that we'd take the hit.

Lastly, as a student of history, I'm aware that humanity often repeats some mistakes over and over again. Well folks, our technology and our numbers are making such repeat errors ever more costly. For example, we did survive World Wars I and II-- but WWIII? Maybe it's best we don't play that one at all. So for this reason I also include considerable historical information on my site. Info which highlights not just the best of humanity and the USA, but the worst as well. For if we don't remember our mistakes, we'll be doomed to repeat them.

Of course, I don't just point out possible future problems; I try to provide solutions as well, in many cases. Such details are usually located at the appropriate places in the timeline-- those periods by which time I expect a particular problem to be solved. If anyone would like to apply such solutions earlier than scheduled here, please do so. If you want to cut to the chase and just see my general recommendations for how humanity might survive and prosper until we happily transform into something better, refer to Civilization's ideal and most effective defensive measures against biological, chemical, nuclear, and other weapons of mass destruction and/or terrorism.

So who is J.R. Mooneyham, and just what are his qualifications for speculating about the future of government, business, technology, and society?

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