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Games and animated short features. Suitable for children, but as always, parents should review all material first.
This page was last updated Saturday, December 18th, 2004.

ALPHA QUADRANT Galaxy Fighters. Copyright 2004 Scotty Mooneyham. All Rights Reserved.
3D Starship Tactical Game for Windows XP. SHAREWARE : Filesize: 829K
Requires: Windows XP Operating System. 2.0GHz recommended. $20 to unlock.

Installation & Removal Instructions....
All software on this site has successfully passed virus scanning.
As always though, you should always perform a virus scan yourself before
executing any software downloaded from the world wide web.

1. AQGF.EXE creates a folder called "AQGF_RES" in the current directory.
2. The game will run immediately. The installer is also the game itself.
3. To un-install, simply delete AQGF.EXE and AQGF_RES folder.

Run Little Robot Run! Copyright 2004 Scotty Mooneyham. All Rights Reserved.
Short Animated Feature 320x240. FREEWARE : Filesize: 700K
Requires: Windows Media Player version or higher. $20 for 720x480 DVD version.

Story Development and Software Support
All software and media on this site relate to each other, which will be more apparent
in future releases and revisions. The robot being the central character of the story.
All registered users automatically receive FREE upgrade for revisions.

Give credit where credit is due....
Thanks to the guy who wrote Anim8or. It's the 3D modeler I've always tried to write but never could.
Thanks to Microsoft for an operating system you can do stuff on. Never could get my OS that fast.
Thanks to the contributors of for the 3DS objects used in "Run Little Robot Run!" short.
Thanks to the guy who wrote Rapid-Q Basic.

Crash of The Nebula-1 Copyright 2004 Scotty Mooneyham. All Rights Reserved.
3D Action Adventure Game for Windows XP. SHAREWARE : Coming Soon
Requires: Windows XP Operating System and 2.0GHz recommended.

How to reach the author of this site....
Send all inquiries to
Thanks to all of you for your support, it's greatly appreciated.

NOTE: All email and email addresses are kept private and disposed of on a regular basis.

All material contained on this site is trademarked by their respective companies. All Rights Reserved.
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