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last update of this section on or about 2-17-03

First off, unsolicited attachments in these virus-laden days are always suspect and subject to deletion (along with their related email message) WITHOUT OPENING OR EXAMINATION. One of the many reasons for this is that during 2002 I was subject to a flood of unsolicited emails with attachments which were virtually all infected with viruses or otherwise potentially harmful to my systems. If your unsolicited attachment-plus-email somehow gets past that filter, it can then run smack into Yahoo's own account size limits for such things, effectively ruining a large attachment by cutting a big chunk off of it, thereby damaging the file and making it impossible to open on this end. I may offer senders a less restricted, alternative email address to which to send attachments, when circumstances warrant. Always contact me WITHOUT attachments first.

Sorry folks, but it's just not humanly possible for me to respond to all the e-mails I get anymore. Nowadays official business emails must come first. If I have any time left over after that, I try to respond to as many other messages as I can-- but typically can only address a few of what appear to be the most urgent or high priority in nature. This culling process inevitably leaves me with regrets for the many I could not process. Again, I'm sorry. I'm just one man, with 24 hours in a day. Some of you out there already know what email overload is like. The rest may find out later on.

I DO appreciate the contributions of ideas, links, corrections, or whatever else my readers may send in, even if I can't directly and immediately acknowledge them all. I will do my best to at least read as much of my incoming mail as possible. Thank you.

Where such emails are pleas for computer help, please check out my pages J.R.'s dirt cheap PC and killer deals page and J.R.'s clearinghouse of used Mac ware sources for such things, as well as my user logs, which can be accessed from my site map . I also offer some ideas for self-employment and entrepreneurship in How to make real money and How small-time web sites can make it financially on the web. My site search is available here.

Note too that sometimes it may take me weeks or months to incorporate a reader's suggestion into my site, partly because of the site's size and related maintenance requirements, and partly because of chronic time-shortages on my part. I've been building and mining an immense backlog of planned site updates for years now-- and it only seems to grow larger with each passing month (see this page for a peek at the links backlog alone (only the most recently gathered, as yet unused links are available there)).

If your desire is to debate me on religion (either in terms of human theology or computer platforms), philosophy, or politics, I'm sorry, but I simply don't have the time to spare. But you're more than welcome to create your own web site and critique and challenge me from there. Indeed, I urge you to do so. at last check would enable you to get online almost instantly, free of charge. Yahoo Geocities too (be sure to register with the search engines, etc., afterwards so that the world will know you exist; you'll find helpful links for this here). The more and different opinions on the web, the better for us all. But I urge you to back up your opinions with credible references too, wherever possible. Opinions without facts to back them up don't usually amount to a whole lot.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and consideration.

-- J.R. Mooneyham, 2-13-03


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